• Eastview Community Foundation
  • P.O. Box 240905 Apple Valley, MN 55124 USA
  • info@evcf.org

Invest in our Future

Learn How EVCF enhances the learning experiences of all Eastview area students.


Learn how Scholarships that help our Seniors defray the high cost of secondary education.

Classroom Grants

Find out more Our grants give teachers an additional resource to obtain tools to enhance learning in their classrooms.

Random Acts of Kindness

Learn how RAK funds help to remove barriers and help all of our students make the most of their educational opportunities.





Anna L., Scholarship Recipient

When starting school last fall, I quickly learned just how difficult it is to get by financially, and the tremendous difference the scholarship made for me and my family. 

Randy Bailey

“It’s really important that we as a community stand  united in our support for a positive education for the kids.”

Daniel Wilharber

“Because of your Eastview Community Foundation you allow us at SHMS to bring in more people, especially more kids, into a place where they feel welcome and a true part of our school community.” – Daniel Wilharber, SHMS Principal

Chad Ryburn

" I'd like to personally thank the Eastview Community Foundation for all of their financial support to the many schools in our district."  Chad Ryburn, Highland Elementary Principal

Angela Bodurtha

"When I went to the ceremony last year it was just so exciting to hear all of the people that are benefiting from the Foundation... that's amazing! We are so fortunate!" -Angela Bodurtha, Kindergarten Teacher

Renee Arrowood

"Thank you so much! We're just benefitting from it so much - all of our kids here. We are just so thankful! Thank you again!" - Renee Arrowood, School Psychologist