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  • info@evcf.org

Our Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) program is all about removing barriers and helping kids make the most of their education.   EVCF provides the Principals of the schools feeding into Eastview with discretionary dollars to use in a manner they feel will have the most impact. In 2020 we gave $16,500 dollars across 12 schools.

Some examples of how our RAK dollars have been used are as follows:

  • School lunch tabs were picked up.  
  • Mary Jelinek of Thomas Lake used RAK to purchase recorders and art supplies for their students with little means.
  • Richard Wendorf of Black Hawk Middle uses the dollars to “provide meaningful experiences and opportunities for students to participate in a variety of school wide field trips”.
  • In other schools,  RAK dollars are being used to purchase clothing for students such as tennis shoes, hooded sweatshirts as well as a winter jacket.

As Principal Dan Wilharber puts it – “Because of your Eastview Community Foundation you allow us at Scott Highland Middle School to bring in more people, especially more kids, into a place where they feel welcome and a true part of our school community”.  



The schools the EVCF supports are:  

Elementary Schools:

Highland, Diamond Path, Greenleaf, Thomas Lake, and Oak Ridge

Middle Schools:

Black Hawk, Falcon Ridge, and Scott Highlands

High Schools:

Eastview High School

Other Schools:

School of Environmental Studies, Dakota Ridge and the Area Learning Center