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Since 2005, thanks to the generous financial support of individuals and businesses, the Eastview Community Foundation has provided approximately 100 grants totaling over $235,000 to Eastview area schools.

EVCF grants have funded numerous  technology resources, access to arts and music resources and  instructional materials for students and teachers.  Some of these programs and resources  include such items as 3D printers, iPads and Chromebooks, a community garden, a news studio, theatre and performing arts center improvements, tutoring programs, science tools and  anti-bullying curriculum, as well many other impressive projects.

This year we are happy to be able to support eleven programs with $23,872 in grants. 

Thank you to the teachers and administrators who submitted proposals.   The proposals reflect the  commitment of educators to provide the best possible educational experience for the students in our community.  

We hope that these grants will make a positive and long lasting impact in the community and the lives of our students.


Eligibility and Requirements:
Grant applicants must be 501(c) 3 School or Organization in the District 196 area. Applications must clearly indicate the benefits expected to be realized from the grant, how these benefits may be realized, and provide budget details to the extent possible. Since there may be many applicants, detailed information will help the EVCF board make a well informed decision. For examples of grants given previously, please see below. Grant applications must be submitted by the due date mentioned in the email sent to principals to be considered for review

For more information about EVCF Grants please contact Nanda Molleti.

2020 Grant Recipients

Eastview High School

AVID 10 Classroom Book Set- “The Pact”

Stephen Kemp | Bruce Miller - Principal

Reading this book in AVID 10 allows students to see three African American teenagers become highly successful and follow their dreams. It reinforces the importance of friendship and commitment despite the challenges of life. Additionally, it fulfills an important gap in the current AVID 10 curriculum of "reading" in the WICOR framework.


Thomas Lake Elementary

Multicultural Picture Books

Jen Greener | Mary Jelinek - Principal

Our goal is to provide books that give students the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the illustrations and text through multicultural books.  We have researched some of the best picture books in multicultural literature in hopes of adding them to our school library. 



Scott Highlands Middle School

Youth Frontiers Retreat

Holly Lofgren | Dan Wilharber - Principal

 SHMS 7th grade staff will be holding a Courage Retreat facilitated by the Youth Frontiers staff and 75 high school students from both EVHS and RHS. This high-energy, interactive retreat will be held at the Rosemount Community Center. Our goal is 100% participation in this event for the 7th grade class. We want all 7th graders attend this important event. 



Eastview High School

Apple Pencils

Scott Gustafson | Bruce Miller - Principal

We would like to purchase a classroom set of Apple Pencils to teach digital art in our 2 dimensional classes (Intro, Draw 1, Draw 2, Paint 1, Paint 2) using the school district provided IPads.  Apple Pencils offer the greater level of control/ detail than a normal stylus  when creating digital art.


Eastview High School

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Mark Tollefson | Bruce Miller - Principal

We would like to purchase and install Water bottle filling stations here in the academic wing at Eastview High School.  The benefits of these stations are too numerous to list here but the provided link has an excellent explanation of those benefits.  (https://becausewater.com/9-reasons-bottle-filling-stations-replace-every-drinking-fountain/)      Basically water bottle filling stations provide clean water, promote students to drink water and end the need for bottled water.  They make sense for an organization the size of Eastview High School.


Greenleaf Elementary

Inclusive playground Equipment

Michelle Palmieri | Michelle Palmieri- Principal

We are applying for funds to purchase piece of playground equipment, called the We-Go-Round merry-go-round.  We believe that by providing a more inclusive playground, we will not only increase opportunities for all students to practice social skills, but we will also give students a chance to develop empathy. Children of all abilities will be able to demonstrate their strengths rather than focusing on their limitations. Providing inclusive playground pieces will foster opportunities to practice prosocial behaviors and build relationships that will positively impact the entire Greenleaf/Eastview community.



Greenleaf Elementary

3D Printers

Jennifer Schmidt | Michelle Palmieri- Principal

We have successfully launched a MakerSpace with robotics, coding, a green screen, upcycling materials, etc. As a result of our MakerSpace, Greenleaf students have been able to create and innovate.  They have used the engineering design process to enhance their critical thinking and creative thinking skills, as well as to develop 21st century skills that will help them be more prepared in middle school, high school, and beyond. Adding two MakerBot Replicator+  printers would permit us to continue allowing each child to print a project and even expand into allowing classroom teachers, other teachers, and before or after school programs to create additional projects.


Diamond Path Elementary

IPAD external keyboards

Christine Prostrollo | Leah Hack- Principal

We are requesting this grant because we would like to purchase external keyboards for 4th graders to use with their iPads. We have seen a struggle with students properly being able to keyboard and it is limiting their ability to word process papers correctly. With having keyboards in our class we will use them to type papers, and also teach proper keyboarding.



Diamond Path Elementary

DP Newscast

Shellie Wilson | Leah Hack- Principal

 Our vision for the DP Newscast is to create a broadcast for all of our students and staff that will incorporate our core Diamond Path School of International Studies mission and values. We want to have a production that is created and  produced by our students focusing on all areas of learning at Diamond Path. The DP Newscast will help our school continue to build a strong community of learners. The DP Newscast student team will be able to create a technological representation of our learning at Diamond Path. The crew will be able to video, edit and showcase educational successes, highlight school celebrations, embrace cultural diversity within our school community and events that support local and global community. Each grade level will share experience about their Units of Studies, field trips, guest authors, opportunities in their specialist classes; Music, Art, PE, Library, Spanish and Chinese. We believe this project will help students develop independent life skills such as: leadership, public speaking, organization, problem-solving, collaboration, cooperation to name a few. We are requesting materials that will help us create the foundation for this great opportunity.


Highland Elementary

Conscious Discipline Program

Jeanette Gunhus | Chad Ryburn- Principal

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive emotional intelligence and classroom management system that integrates all domains of learning (social, emotional, physical, cultural and cognitive) into one seamless curriculum. For children, Conscious Discipline provides a positive school climate that fosters academic achievement and pro-social skills.

Highland is currently focusing on the Safe Place component of the Power of Perception that Conscious Discipline describes. The goal of this power is to teach adults and children to take responsibility when upset. To do this, all classrooms K-5 have designated Safe Places within their room to offer students the opportunity to identify how they are feeling and utilize tools to regulate and rejoin their peers. The funds from this grant would be to provide the tools needed within the Safe Places for students to learn successful strategies to help them get to a calm state. It is the centerpiece of our student self-regulation program.


Band for All

Instrument Repair

Michelle Palmieri | Leah Hack- Principal

Currently BFA has over 70 instruments that are not being used due to expensive repair needs.  We would like to overhaul(completely repair) four clarinets and four flutes, purchase three trumpet and three saxophone cases, and purchase five trumpet and five saxophone mouthpieces.  These repairs and purchases would provide BFA more instruments to use for students in the Eastview Community giving more students an opportunity to be part of the music community.