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2021 EVCF Grant and Scholarship Awards Video

Since 2005, thanks to the generous financial support of individuals and businesses, the Eastview Community Foundation has provided approximately 129 grants totaling over $256,000 to Eastview area schools.

EVCF grants have funded numerous  technology resources, access to arts and music resources and  instructional materials for students and teachers.  Some of these programs and resources  include such items as 3D printers, iPads and Chromebooks, a community garden, a news studio, theatre and performing arts center improvements, tutoring programs, science tools and  anti-bullying curriculum, as well many other impressive projects.

This year we are happy to be able to support eleven programs with $23,872 in grants. 

Thank you to the teachers and administrators who submitted proposals.   The proposals reflect the  commitment of educators to provide the best possible educational experience for the students in our community.  

We hope that these grants will make a positive and long lasting impact in the community and the lives of our students.

For more information about EVCF Grants please contact Nanda Molleti.

2021 Grant Recipients

Eastview High School

Apple Mac Mini Computer Hub

Scott Gustafson | Bruce Miller - Principal

These funds will support the purchase of an Apple Mac mini computer hub. The computer hub will facilitate the AirDrop printing capability of student artwork at EVHS. The hub will allow students to upload their artwork directly to the printer from their iPad/Mobile Device/Creative Cloud. As more and more of our curriculum is going digital (drawing, painting, photography, portfolios, etc.) students will now be afforded a completely mobile and autonomous platform to create their art, print their art and present their art. This platform will allow students to further recognize their full creative potential


Highland Elementary

Recess and Playground Equipment

Jeannette Gunhus | Chad Ryburn - Principal

This grant will provide new and updated equipment for recess and playground use to ensure that our children have ample access to a variety of new playground toys and equipment during their recess time. Due to Covid 19 and social distancing practices put in place, more equipment is needed so that our children will be able to stay active and play with their friends while still social distancing. Some of the equipment and toys that would be purchased include: footballs, frisbees, hula hoops, bouncy balls, soccer balls, ball pumps, storage buckets and a wheeled storage cart.



Falcon Ridge Middle School

Literary Resources for ELA curriculum

Veronica Last | Becky Melville - Principal

This grant will provide physical and digital resources to promote literacy in the 6th grade ELA curriculum. Both the magazines and digital resources will be used as supplemental materials to provide reinforcement and enrichment to 6th grade English and reading students, aligning with State Standards.



Eastview High School

Hydroponik im deutschen Klassenzimmer (Hydroponic Garden)

Steven Sebald | Bruce Miller - Principal

Interacting with nature and taking care of a hydroponic garden in the classroom will lend itself to conversations and interest surrounding sustainability, the environment, and healthy living at home and around the world. The presence of a hydroponic garden in the classroom will spark interest and questions from other students who are not in the CIS course and could lead to activities that encourage growth in proficiency in German, that is asking questions in German, learning the names of the items we are growing in the garden, etc. I would also hope that students would have a curiosity about the garden to continue in the different levels of German to reach the point in which they would be able to create their own hydroponic garden when they are enrolled in the CIS German course. This would be open to all students, they would just need to complete the prerequisite levels of German before reaching the CIS course. The connection of inquiry based learning and STEM principles is also an important one that can be linked to language learning and raising proficiency in a language.


Eastview High School

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Breana Wavrunek | Bruce Miller - Principal

We would like to purchase and install a water bottle filling station near the gym at Eastview High School.  Water bottle filling stations provide clean water, promote students to drink water and end the need for bottled water.  


Eastview High School

CPR Training Mannequins

Breana Wavrunek | Bruce Miller - Principal

This grant will support the purchase of high quality CPR training mannequins (adult and infant) and AED trainers used in CPR and First Aid class. Manequins that are of high quality allow students to see if the depth of their compressions are correct, the timing of their compressions are correct, and if the breaths go into the lungs appropriately which gives students instant feedback allowing them to learn the skill and demonstrate the skill correctly.  CPR and First Aid class is an amazing opportunity for students to get CPR/FIRST AID/AED certification that also benefits the community as many if these students are lifeguards, camp supervisors, and baby sitters. CPR and First Aid is a life saving skill that is priceless.



Eligibility and Requirements:
Grant applicants must be 501(c) 3 School or Organization in the District 196 area. Applications must clearly indicate the benefits expected to be realized from the grant, how these benefits may be realized, and provide budget details to the extent possible. Since there may be many applicants, detailed information will help the EVCF board make a well informed decision. For examples of grants given previously, please see above. Grant applications must be submitted by the due date mentioned in the email sent to principals to be considered for review