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Since 2005, thanks to the generous financial support of individuals and businesses, the Eastview Community Foundation has provided approximately 100 grants totaling over $220,000 to Eastview area schools. EVCF grants have funded numerous  technology resources, access to arts and music resources and  instructional materials for students and teachers.  Some of these programs and resources  include such items as 3D printers, iPads and Chromebooks, a community garden, a news studio, theatre and performing arts center improvements, tutoring programs, science tools and  anti-bullying curriculum, as well many other impressive projects. This year we are happy to be able to support eleven programs with $11,521  in grants.   Thank you to the teachers and administrators who submitted proposals.   The proposals reflect the  commitment of educators to provide the best possible educational experience for the students in our community.   We hope that these grants will make a positive and long lasting impact in the community and the lives of our students.
Eligibility and Requirements:
Grant applicants must be 501(c) 3 School or Organization in the District 196 area. Applications must clearly indicate the benefits expected to be realized from the grant, how these benefits may be realized, and provide budget details to the extent possible. Since there may be many applicants, detailed information will help the EVCF board make a well informed decision. For examples of grants given previously, please see below. Grant applications must be submitted by the due date mentioned in the email sent to principals to be considered for review
For more information about EVCF Grants please contact Nanda Molleti.

2019 EVCF Grant Recipients

Scott Highlands Middle School WEB (Where everybody belongs) Curriculum and Events

Janie McKenney | Dan Wilharber - Principal

WEB, which stands for “Where Everybody Belongs” is a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes 6th/7th graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their middle school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, the program trains mentors from your 8th grade class to be WEB Leaders.


Scott Highlands Middle School Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat

Holly Lofgren | Dan Wilharber – Principal

The retreat is a high energy gathering for our 7th graders. Since 1987, Youth Frontiers(YF) - a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis - has been facilitating retreats to build positive school communities that help young people realize the importance of respecting themselves and others. Their vision is to change the way young people treat each other in every hallway, lunch line and classroom of every school in America so that today’s young people make tomorrow’s world better.


Eastview High School Spanish Language Novels

Laura Gomez | Randy Peterson – Principal

Comprehensible reading material facilitates meaningful interaction in the target language; and this is the key to acquisition. It’s the way language gets into our students’ heads. This grant will allow our students to have the opportunity to read the comprehensible novel "Noche de Oro", by Kristy Placido. In addition to improving the students comprehension and understanding of grammar structures and gaining fluency, they will also learn about the ecology and culture of Costa Rica.


Eastview High School Chemistry Department Thermometers

Jenny Sundberg | Randy Peterson - Principal

These funds will be used by the Chemistry Science Department to allow our students to be able to read temperature from a more accurate, digital source. Often in chemistry lab we take measurement readings from a variety of sources. Temperature has a huge impact on how gases behave. Gas pressures can vary if the temperature varies by one degree. The digital thermometers would allow for EVHS students to obtain more accurate results and enhance their learning experience.


Eastview High School Leadership Academy for Female Athletes

Mary Dye | Randy Peterson - Principal

These 100 athletes learn about leadership topics related to sport, but also skills that they can apply to their life. These athletes then take these lessons back to their teams and classrooms. There are a variety of guest speakers and experts brought in to teach about a variety of sport and life related topics (mental health, nutrition, teamwork, building trust, how to deal with setbacks, mindset, purpose, etc). We want to make a shift in our female athletic culture; we want to help foster student- athletes realization of their full potential, purpose, and the positive opportunities they have in their life.


Eastview High School Lab PCR and DNA Gels

Thomas Sharp | Randy Peterson - Principal

All Life Science work and research involves the use of PCR (increasing the amount of DNA in a sample) and Gel Electrophoresis. This includes the fields of medicine, forensics, agriculture, botany, among many others. All high school Biology courses teach the concepts of PCR and Gel Electrophoresis, but the lab technology and equipment is generally outdated and unable to provide an accurate example of today's practical technology and use. It also requires a timeline for class hours that is not realistic with the modern lab. The Mini-one system brings current professional results at an affordable cost to the classroom and can be completed within one class period to supplement the curriculum. At Eastview we have not performed either technique in years as our equipment is outdated, much of it non-functional, and the technique does not match current technology. By purchasing this equipment we can provide our students the proper education in an area of the curriculum that is standard knowledge and provide the experience they should have to compete for post-secondary education acceptance and future job placement. A through understanding of genetics is essential in today's STEM world, this will give our students that opportunity.


Blackhawk Middle School Spanish Language Materials

Tarin Boyd | Rich Wendorff – Principal

The funds from this grant will allow the language department to purchase a subscription to Señor Wooly- a music video program that facilitates learning Spanish through song. With this subscription, students will have access to materials and activities on their ipads. Students will be able to watch engaging music videos and complete lessons to boost their Spanish proficiency. This money will also go towards buying a class set of graphic novels based on a popular Wooly music video.


Eastview High School AVID Program

Erin Matthews | Dr. Randall Peterson - Principal

EVHS has been involved with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program for over a decade. In AVID we prepare students for high school and college who are first generation college students, students of color, and students who are not equally represented in college. As part of the program we work on building good scholarly habits. This grant will allow us to purchase books to aid our students as they grow the skills necessary for success beyond high school.


Eastview High School Special Education Biology Field Trip

Jorjean Fischer | Dr Randall Peterson - Principal

At EVHS an essential science class for students with a variety of special needs is offered. This year is a Biology rotation year. As a cumulative activity, we would like to take students to the MN Zoo for a field trip to review ecological concepts and animal science, enhancing their core curriculum.


Eastview High School Counselor Training

Larinda Hodges| Dr. Randall Peterson - Principal

As high school counselors, we are very student focused! We come to school everyday with the mission of helping, supporting, and bridging the gap for our students and families. Although we are all trained and very good at what we do, they way we do our work is evolving and we must adapt. Our students/families needs are changing, symptomatic and diagnosed mental illness is on the rise, and demographics are shifting. This grant will provide the EVHS counseling staff an opportunity to further their learning (e.g., evidence-based practices etc) and have team building time with one another at counselor specific training/conferences. Additionally, this grant will provide us with the funds to purchase materials to better support our students.


Eastview High School German Language Tools and Resources

Jessica Trost | Dr. Randall Peterson - Principal

The German Language department intends to establish a library of German reading materials that students can use for Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) in the classroom. We would like to build a collection of contemporary books and other reading materials that is level appropriate for novice and intermediate German language learners.