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2021 EVCF Grant and Scholarship Awards Video

Since 2005, thanks to the generous financial support of individuals and businesses, the Eastview Community Foundation has provided approximately 131 grants totaling over $261,000 to Eastview area schools.

EVCF grants have funded numerous  technology resources, access to arts and music resources and  instructional materials for students and teachers.  Some of these programs and resources  include such items as 3D printers, iPads and Chromebooks, a community garden, a news studio, theatre and performing arts center improvements, tutoring programs, science tools and  anti-bullying curriculum, as well many other impressive projects.

This year we are happy to be able to support two programs with $4,700 in grants. 

Thank you to the teachers and administrators who submitted proposals.   The proposals reflect the  commitment of educators to provide the best possible educational experience for the students in our community.  

We hope that these grants will make a positive and long lasting impact in the community and the lives of our students.

For more information about EVCF Grants please contact Nanda Molleti.

2022 Grant Recipients

Highland Elementary

Safe Space Self Regulation Centers

Mary Jo Kacvinsky | Chad Ryburn - Principal

This grant will provide Safe Space Self Regulation Centers for Kindergarten classrooms.  Highland is in the 5th year of Conscious Discipline implementation. One of the goals we are now working toward is the establishment of Safe Place Self Regulation Centers in each classroom, starting in kindergarten. The Safe Place Self Regulation Center from Conscious Discipline is a structure that children use in the classroom in order to recognize their brain state/their upset/their dysregulated mood and through regular, consistent classroom teachings (teacher and support personnel) learn to calm and regulate their brains and bodies. The Safe Place Self Regulation Center is filled with tools and activities that lead children through the steps of self-regulation. I'd be happy to provide more information if needed!



Scott Highlands Middle School

Prairie Restoration

Jill Jensen | Dan Wilharber - Principal

This grant will fund a prairie restoration project. This project has numerous benefits for our school community as well as the community of Apple Valley. After learning about the concept of sustainability, including loss of pollinators, students in my class have proposed adding additional plants to our school landscape as a way to work towards a solution of this issue. Removing the mono-culture of lawn grass that requires regular mowing and replacing it with a diverse array of grasses and flowers would give added food and shelter to populations of pollinators that are in decline. The increased diversity of plants would also result in an increase in diversity of species that visit our property. This change in habitat would provide an amazing opportunity for students to collect real time data that could be used to document the impact of such a change in the landscape. The city of Apple Valley also would benefit from this project as a model of how transforming even a small section of yard can help contribute to fighting climate change, create habitat for endangered species, with the benefit of a low-maintenance landscape full of natural beauty right in their very own yards.

Funding this project also provides an opportunity for students to see how change can be created. That it's possible to have an idea, and by seeking out sources and describing your plan, you can make your vision a reality. This project would also having a lasting impact on our school community and once established, provide an ideal location for outdoor learning.





Eligibility and Requirements:
Grant applicants must be 501(c) 3 School or Organization in the District 196 area. Applications must clearly indicate the benefits expected to be realized from the grant, how these benefits may be realized, and provide budget details to the extent possible. Since there may be many applicants, detailed information will help the EVCF board make a well informed decision. For examples of grants given previously, please see above. Grant applications must be submitted by the due date mentioned in the email sent to principals to be considered for review