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Since 2005, thanks to the generous financial support of individuals and businesses, the Eastview Community Foundation has provided approximately 131 grants totaling over $261,000 to Eastview area schools.

EVCF grants have funded numerous  technology resources, access to arts and music resources and  instructional materials for students and teachers.  Some of these programs and resources  include such items as 3D printers, iPads and Chromebooks, a community garden, a news studio, theatre and performing arts center improvements, tutoring programs, science tools and  anti-bullying curriculum, as well many other impressive projects.

This year we are happy to be able to support two programs with $4,700 in grants. 

Thank you to the teachers and administrators who submitted proposals.   The proposals reflect the  commitment of educators to provide the best possible educational experience for the students in our community.  

We hope that these grants will make a positive and long lasting impact in the community and the lives of our students.

For more information about EVCF Grants please contact Grants@EVCF.org.

2023 Grant Recipients

Parkview Elementary

CARES Featured Text Project

Shauna Knapp | Nicole Garcia - Principal

Parkview will use EVCF grant dollars for books to support their CARES program. The CARES featured text is introduced simultaneously, school-wide with planned, common learning around the story and social emotional competencies. A school-wide project paired with the book may include a mural, a community engagement, an act of kindness, etc. to celebrate the learning or a way to pay forward our thinking. These feature texts become our school-wide focus themes for the year and a major part of our school momentum. The Cares Feature Texts create opportunity for common dialogue across K-5 to problem solve with all areas of the school allowing us to become a stronger community. Students are able to demonstrate the CARES traits they are building as a whole. Ultimately, this supports their preparedness for learning, allowing them to be more successful in school with academic mindset, perseverance, learning strategies, and academic behaviors.



Oak Ridge Elementary

Lending Closet

Karla Bisco | Cathy Kindem - Principal

Oak Ridge’s plan is to create a lending closet for Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes to check out to use during their outdoor learning times.  The lending closet will consist of waterproof suits, boots, and mittens.  Oak Ridge has  planned out an organizational system, including labels, hooks, and a check-out process so that all of our K-2 teachers can easily access the gear.  As soon as the suits are purchased classes will be able to access them for going outside in a variety of weather conditions.



Black Hawk Middle School

Using Nonfiction to Nurture Curiosity

Julianne Ninteman | Anne Kusch - Principal

The purpose of Black Hawk’s grant is to use Nonfiction to Nurture Curiosity.  Students will be inspired to read more nonfiction works being exposed to a wide variety of relevant, high interest, quality books, thus improving their information literacy. Nurturing curiosity will lead to more independent research, which will likely help improve MCA reading scores being many passages are nonfiction or informational text. As students get older they will be better able to understand, evaluate and utilize information for post-secondary education and their future careers.In preparing for writing, teachers and students will be able to use the new books to show examples of the craft decisions authors of informational text make and why. This will help students in deciding how to best share what they have learned from researching their topic of interest. A daily benefit of having engaging physical books in hand is that students will have a break from their iPads and electronics. Reading comprehension increases with physical books and is less distracting for many learners. Unlike a great deal of websites, these books are vetted, so information is reliable. Grant funds will be used to help BHMS strengthen and diversify their collection with current titles, so inquirers can explore and engage in reading enjoyment, research, and collaboration. 





Eligibility and Requirements:
Grant applicants must be 501(c) 3 School or Organization in the District 196 area. Applications must clearly indicate the benefits expected to be realized from the grant, how these benefits may be realized, and provide budget details to the extent possible. Since there may be many applicants, detailed information will help the EVCF board make a well informed decision. For examples of grants given previously, please see above. Grant applications must be submitted by the due date mentioned in the email sent to principals to be considered for review