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2021 EVCF Grant and Scholarship Awards Video

Since 2000, the Eastview Community Foundation has awarded over $1,609,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors. Thanks to the generous support of our Eastview community members we are pleased to award $86,000 across 97 scholarships to well-deserving members of the Class of 2021. We are also honored to announce several new scholarships created this year by supportive families and individuals in our community:
  • Emma Joy Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank Pasquerella Memorial Band Scholarship
  • Trade/Tech/Vocational Scholarship

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 scholarship recipients! EVCF applauds your accomplishments and wishes you much success in your future endeavors.


Jessica Sahota & Laurel Gerber
EVCF Scholarship Co-Chairs



EVCF Scholarship Program

The Eastview Community Foundation awards scholarships to graduating seniors of Eastview High School as well as those students who live within the Eastview boundaries and complete high school elsewhere – such as the School of Environmental Studies, Area Learning Center, and home education.

While the majority of the scholarships in the EVCF Scholarship Program are funded by individuals, families, associations and businesses in the Eastview community, EVCF also raises funds through events, memberships and donations to fund eight additional scholarships. The EVCF board is proud to continue to fund the following scholarships:

    • Dream Maker Scholarships
    • Eastview Puzzle Piece Scholarships
    • Service Scholarship
In conjunction with EVHS Alumni and the Friends of Dr. Dewey, the ECVF board is delighted to continue the tradition of contributing to two additional scholarships: the Alumni Scholarship and the Dr. J. Richard Dewey Educator Scholarship. Please consider joining us in supporting these or any other EVCF funded scholarship by attending an EVCF event or making a donation.


Click here if you would like to contribute to EVCF scholarships

For more information about creating and funding a scholarship of your own please contact us at info@evcf.org .

EVCF Scholarship Selection Process

EVCF utilizes the following governance practices to maintain program integrity:

  • Student names and identifying information are removed from the application and candidates are evaluated on merit alone.
  • Community volunteers read and score scholarship essays.
  • A volunteer selection committee evaluates and ranks applicants.
  • Parents of current EVHS seniors are excluded from the volunteer committee to maintain objectivity.
  • The selection committee awards scholarships to the highest number of recipients possible with the goal being one scholarship per qualified applicant. Due to selection criteria and number of applicants some students may receive more than one scholarship.